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Universal Adviser is linked with the domain name CIC News Update, Except as otherwise stated, the CIC News Update website functions and contents are covered by this privacy statement.

This privacy statement explains our dedication to protecting the privacy of all CIC News Update readers and goes into great length about how, when, and why we safely gather personal information. The following privacy statement applies to all websites and internet-based services provided by CIC News Update. Additionally, by using our websites and any related services, you agree to these conditions.

Gathering of personal information

Contact Data

When visiting our sites, you get the choice of providing your personal contact information. For the purpose of being able to react to any questions you may have, this contact information is kept in a secure data center in India. We will only get in connection with individuals who give us their web phone number(s) and email address (as) concerning Canadian immigration, settlement in Canada, and/or pursuing studies in Canada.

Personal Data

Our server automatically logs anonymous information, such as your IP address, for each user who accesses one of our websites, whereas it does not log personally identifiable information, such as your email id.

On our websites, there may be fields where you must enter personal data. Without your permission, we will not publish, sell, or otherwise transmit your personal details, and we will only utilize it to fulfill the requests that have been made.

Your possibility to immigrate to Canada is evaluated using the personal information you submit in the eligibility survey in accordance with the applicable immigration eligibility requirements. Without your permission, we will never sell or otherwise move any of your confidential data to a third party. Within 24 hours of uploading your Canada Immigration Eligibility Survey, you can anticipate receiving your results through email at the location you gave us.

If you haven’t unsubscribed or asked to stop receiving such communications, we might send follow-up emails about your Canadian immigration applications to the exact email address in the future.

We will be using your CV to determine whether you are qualified to immigrate to Canada if you decide to send it to us. Without your permission, your resume will not be utilized for any other reason or shared with any organization not affiliated with CIC News Update.

Data Protection

Whenever customers’ personal data is transmitted to and received from our sites, we use industry-standard encryption technology.

All data we gather from you, including registration and assessment data as well as any other individually identifiable data, is kept in a safe data center in India.

Website Cookies

When you visit websites online, little files called cookies are downloaded to your computer or another device. The files aid in the analysis of web traffic and website visits so that online services can be customized to your specific interests.

To make it easier for you to use our sites and to make it more enjoyable for you online, we might place one or more cookies on your computer when you visit CIC News Update.

We could also regularly gather information about your use of our websites, including the pages you visit, when and how often you visit, the links you open, and the searches you conduct through the use of certain cookies. Although the data gathered cannot be utilized to recognize you, cookies give our marketing department valuable information.

We (or third parties) might need some anonym zed and non-personal information recorded on CIC News Update to display adverts that could be more relevant to your needs when you browse other sites.

We might permit third parties to use third-party cookies to gather anonymous data, including authorized service providers and ad networks like Facebook and Google. Without your permission, none of these third parties will receive any personal details from our websites.

These third parties might compile data on your browsing patterns, including the pages you browse, the links you follow, and the external websites you access. They can use this data to display more relevant ads, decrease the number of occasions you view adverts, and assess the campaign’s efficacy.

The majority of websites by definition have cookies set, but you can typically adjust your browser settings to disable cookies. Please be aware that you might not be able to sign in or utilize some of the interactive multimedia of our websites if you opt to disable cookies.

In most cases, your browser’s “Options” or “Preferences” menu is where you can modify cookie settings.

Online Behavioral Advertising (OBA)

We (or third parties like Facebook and Google) could use some generic and non-personal data gathered on our sites to display adverts that may be more appealing to you when you browse other sites, a practice known as online behavioral advertising (OBA).

None of the OBA methods we employ will record data like your identity, email address, postal address, or mobile number.

The Canadian Immigration Newsletter

CIC News Update is the editor of the online newsletter about Canadian immigration. At least twice per month, the newspaper will be digitally delivered and sent right to your email.

Additionally, it is readily available on cicnewsupdate.com. You consent to receive emails on Canadian immigration issues when you sign up for the Canadian Immigration Newsletter.

Your email address and any other personal information you give us won’t be shared with any third parties without your permission, and we’ll only use it for the requests we receive for it.

Simply press the “Unsubscribe” link at the bottom of each email we deliver to you if you want to stop receiving future editions of the Canada Immigration Bulletin. You may also contact our unsubscribe page to have your name removed from our list of subscribers for our newsletter.

External Hyperlinks

Links to destinations or websites on the Internet that are not part of the CIC news update may be available on our websites. These links take users to websites created or run by third parties who are not associated with or connected to the CIC News Update in any manner.

They are simply provided for reference purposes and have been added to our site to enhance your user experience. For your benefit, we make every effort to choose reliable websites and sources of information.

Any website or web page that has external links is not within our control. You might be using or following such links entirely at your own responsibility; we are not liable for any losses or damages resulting from or related to such use.

Personal Data Access

Message Us

You do have the privilege to enter, update, or remove the personal data we might have about you. You can get in touch with us if you have any questions or issues regarding your privacy or this privacy statement.