On June 16, Prince Edward Island held a draw to select 136 entrepreneurs and skilled workers as part of a new round of invitations. Candidates who applied through the Express Entry, Labor Impact, and Business Impact immigration streams were asked to participate in this draw.

Nine applicants were chosen with the lowest score of 65 points from the Business Impact category, while 127 individuals were invited from the Express Entry and Labour Impact categories.

PEI distributed 1,933 invitations in 2021 as opposed to 1,955 in 2020. Out of a total of 2021 invitations, there were 1,764 applicants with a labor impact and Express Entry, and 169 for those with a business impact.

The PEI Business Impact Category’s background

Applicants who submit an application through the PEI Work Permit Stream are required to obtain a Canadian work permit and then complete a Performance Agreement-defined length of time-long employment with a PEI enterprise.

The applicant must invest a minimum of $150,000 in the firm after the Performance Agreement is finished, and they must promise to run it every day from PEI. Direct business streams for permanent residency were originally available in Prince Edward Island, however, they were discontinued in September 2018 due to worries about immigration fraud.

Concerning PEI Express Entry

For a provincial nomination in the PEI Express Entry category, candidates who are already in the federal Express Entry Pool are taken into account.

The Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score of a candidate is raised by 600 points when Prince Edward Island nominates them, practically guaranteeing them an Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canadian immigration. Both those who have a job offer and those without it can apply for permanent residence in Canada under the PEI Express Entry Category.

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Concerning the skilled workers’ category of the PEI labor impact

The PEI Skilled Worker stream allows the province to nominate individuals who have been hired or recognized by a PEI company as having appropriate competence in skilled vocations. Candidates can appeal to the Skilled Workers in the PEI stream if they are employed directly in the province of PEI.

Eligible candidates might apply to the PEI Skilled Workers Outside of Canada stream from outside of PEI.

Critical Worker

A provincial nomination under the PEI Critical Worker stream might well be available to workers in low-skilled professions who have worked full-time for a PEI company for at least six months. There is a need for laborers, truck drivers, customer service representatives, hospitality staff, and housekeepers.

International Graduate

Recent graduates from accredited post-secondary schools in PEI who have been offered a full-time, long-term position in a skilled occupation and have a current Post-Graduation Work Permit are eligible for the PEI International Graduate stream.

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