Results of Nova Scotia Draw held on December 22nd

The most recent business immigration draw, in which 22 invites were sent out through two streams of the Nova Scotia Nominee Program, was disclosed by Nova Scotia Immigration. Twenty invitations were given to the Entrepreneur stream in the draw on December 22nd, with the lowest score of 119. Additionally, two invitations were issued through the International Graduate Entrepreneur stream, with a minimum score of 53 points this time.

Nova Scotia Entrepreneurs’ Stream

People with prior business ownership or senior managerial experience in Nova Scotia are sought after by the Nova Scotia Entrepreneur stream. They must live in Nova Scotia, start a new business or buy an established one, and actively participate in the day-to-day management of that enterprise.

Upon applying for Canadian permanent residency after one year of operating their business, candidates in the Entrepreneur stream are awarded a temporary work visa. The stream uses an expression of interest structure, where applicants are chosen from a pool.

Qualifying procedures for the Nova Scotia Entrepreneur Stream include:

  • Expression of Interest, 
  • Invitation to Apply, 
  • Personal Interview, 
  • Business Performance Agreement, 
  • Work Permit, and 
  • Establishment of a Business in Nova Scotia
  • Application for Permanent Residence Request

Candidate qualifications for the Entrepreneur Stream in Nova Scotia:

  • At least 21 years of age is required.
  • Want to own and operate a Nova Scotia company while residing continuously in Nova Scotia
  • You must have a minimum net worth of $600,000.
  • In Nova Scotia, starting or purchasing a business requires a minimum investment of $150,000.
  • Experience actively running a business for at least three years (with at least 33% ownership) OR more than five years in a senior business management position
  • Obtain a minimum score of 5 on the Canadian Language Benchmark in speaking, listening, reading, and writing in either English or French.
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Entrepreneur Stream for International Graduates in Nova Scotia

Similar to the Entrepreneur stream, the International Graduate Entrepreneur stream is only available to recent community college or Nova Scotia institution graduates. They need to have founded or acquired a Nova Scotia business, run it for a full year, and be in possession of a Post-Graduation Work Permit.

An applicant gets nominated for permanent residency if they plan to reside in the province. Using an Expression of Interest format, the stream functions similarly to the Entrepreneur stream.

Guidelines for the International Graduate Entrepreneur Program:

  • Application for Permanent Residence 
  • Expression of Interest 
  • Invitation to Apply 
  • In-Person Interview and Nomination

Qualifications for International Graduate Entrepreneur Stream Candidates:

  • Want to own and operate a Nova Scotia company while residing continuously in Nova Scotia
  • You must have been actively managing and owning your current Nova Scotia business for at least a year (100 percent ownership)
  • possess a degree or certificate earned after completing at least two academic years of full-time, on-campus study at a university or community college in Nova Scotia.
  • valid post-graduation employment permit
  • a minimum speaking, hearing, reading, and writing score of 7 on the Canadian Language Benchmark in either English or French

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