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By requesting citizenship documentation, you could be eligible to get Canadian citizenship.

You might already be qualified for Canadian citizenship if you had at minimum one Canadian parent when you were born overseas.

You don’t need to undergo the standard application procedure if you are already qualified for citizenship. This method calls for you to be physically present in the country as a permanent resident, take a proficiency test, and go to a citizenship ceremony, among several other things.

Rather, you file for a citizenship certification, commonly known as proof of citizenship.

If you weren’t born to foreign officials, you were probably indeed a citizen of Canada if you were born there. When you were born overseas and at minimum one of your parents was a Canadian, you might already be a citizen.

Your parents must have been either born in Canada or have acquired citizenship through the registration procedure for you to be regarded as a first-generation Canadian. You cannot obtain evidence of citizenship if your grandparents were first-generation Canadian and your parent obtained citizenship through ancestry. But you can still become a Canadian citizen by passing through the immigration procedure.

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Application for Citizenship Proof

You should obtain the application package from the IRCC website to request proof of citizenship. You must be able to prove that your legal or biological parent was a citizen of Canada at the time of your birth. Evidence accepted by the IRCC includes birth certificates for your parents, Canadian citizenship cards, and citizenship certificates.

Once it has been determined that the submitted application is valid, IRCC will issue an AOR or an acceptance of receipt. The IRCC will issue a certificate of Canadian citizenship upon the granting of the application.

On the IRCC website, you can monitor the progress of your application. Processing times for complex files can occasionally be longer. For those who require access to benefits like healthcare, a social security number, the start of a career, or in the event of an emergency departure from or arrival in Canada, IRCC provides an alternative for expedited processing.

$75 CAD is required by the Canadian government to apply.

A Canadian immigration attorney can assist you with the procedure. An adept immigration attorney can confirm that you meet all requirements and assist you in demonstrating your Canadian citizenship.

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