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If Either or Both of Your Biological Parents Are Canadians

If you were born overseas to a Canadian citizen, you can be eligible for citizenship in Canada.

At the time of your birth, either your legal or biological parent had to be a first-generation Canadian. This indicates that they were either citizens of Canada at birth or naturalized Canadians who were granted citizenship. Your parent cannot be regarded as a “first-generation” Canadian if they obtained citizenship through the application process because they were born outside of Canada to a citizen. As a result, you would not automatically be granted Canadian citizenship.

The official document provided by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) that proves you are a citizen of the nation is the Canadian citizenship certificate. It is one of only two documents, in addition to the Canadian birth certificate, that can be used to demonstrate Canadian citizenship.

One of the numerous advantages of being a Canadian is having the ability to receive one of the strongest passports and the right to reside forever in one of the best nations in the world.

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Application for a Canadian citizenship certificate

You must adhere to the guidelines listed on the IRCC website in order to submit an application for a Canadian citizenship certificate. The IRCC will want proof that at minimum one of your legal or biological parents was a Canadian citizen at the time of your birth. On the IRCC website, you can submit the application electronically or by emailing it.

Your application will be evaluated and processed after IRCC receives it and sends you an acknowledgment of receipt (AOR).

On the IRCC website, you can check the progress of your application. Processing times for complex files can occasionally be longer. In unique circumstances, IRCC provides an urgent processing alternative. This offers people a streamlined and accelerated path to accessing advantages like healthcare, a social security number, to start a career, or in the event of an emergency flight to or from Canada.

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