Canada - The 2nd Best Country in the World

In the latest 2023 Best Countries ranking by U.S. News, Canada has secured its position as the world’s second-best country overall for this year, narrowly trailing behind Switzerland. This marks a notable improvement from 2022 when Canada held the third position in the rankings.

The rankings were meticulously crafted by U.S. News, considering ten distinct sub-categories, with the top 20 countries assessed in each of them. Subsequently, an overall ranking encompassing 87 countries was established. To compile this comprehensive evaluation, U.S. News conducted a survey involving over 17,000 individuals from 36 different countries. This survey included business leaders, college-educated individuals from the middle class or higher, as well as “nationally representative” citizens from each nation.

The ten pivotal sub-categories analyzed:

  1. Entrepreneurship
  2. Quality of Life
  3. Social Purpose (based on a country’s commitment to social justice causes)
  4. Cultural Influence
  5. Open for Business
  6. Adventure
  7. Power
  8. Heritage
  9. Agility (related to adaptability)
  10. Movers

Let’s delve deeper into Canada’s impressive performance in the 2023 U.S. News Best Countries rankings:

Canada’s Rankings in the 10 Sub-Categories for 2023:

  1. For Entrepreneurship, Canada secured the 5th position, following the United States (US), Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom (UK).
  2. In terms of Quality of Life, Canada demonstrated its strength, securing third place, just behind Sweden and Norway.
  3. In the Social Purpose sub-category, Canada impressively clinched the 4th spot, trailing behind Sweden, Norway, and Finland.
  4. Canada displayed remarkable Agility by securing the 2nd position globally, second only to the US. (Agility signifies how well a country adapts to change.)

Canada’s Rankings in the “Best For” Countries for 2023:

Furthermore, the 2023 Best Countries list goes beyond overall rankings and assesses the top 20 countries based on various attributes and qualities. In this regard, Canada shone brightly, being ranked among the top seven countries in nine different categories. Canada was notably recognized as:

  1. The 2nd best country to start a career.
  2. The 4th best country for education.
  3. The 7th best country for studying abroad.
  4. The 7th best country for raising kids.
  5. The 2nd best country for racial equality.
  6. The 6th best country for women.
  7. The 6th best country for a comfortable retirement.
  8. The 6th most transparent country.
  9. The 2nd best country to headquarter a corporation.

These rankings underscore that in critical areas important to newcomers to Canada, the country consistently ranks among the top nations worldwide. Immigrants seeking a better life for themselves and their families will find comfort in Canada’s high placement in these essential categories.

For prospective newcomers, Canada’s top rankings in areas such as education and career prospects reaffirm its status as a premier global destination for skilled workers and international students alike. Additionally, Canada’s high placement in categories related to raising children and racial equality assures immigrant parents of an inclusive and accepting environment for their families, promising a brighter future for their children.

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Lastly, Canada’s recognition as the sixth-best country globally for a comfortable retirement indicates that it’s an ideal place for residents, both native-born and immigrants, to enjoy post-career life comfortably.

In conclusion, Canada’s consistent recognition as the world’s second-best country in 2023 reflects its enduring status as a top immigrant destination on a global scale. Whether it’s education, career opportunities, family life, or retirement, Canada has firmly established itself as one of the best countries for immigrants from all corners of the world.

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