French Might Be Mandatory For Economic Immigrants - Quebec

The conditions for economic immigration to Quebec have undergone significant adjustments, according to Premier Francois Legault.

Legault claims that by 2026, nearly all new economic immigrants to Quebec will be fluent in French before they arrive in the country, according to remarks made on May 25 by Ministers of Immigration, Francization, and Integration Christine Frechette and Jean-François Roberge. The goal of this is to encourage the economic immigration of francophones to Quebec.

French is declining in Quebec, as we have observed for a number of years, according to Legault. Since the Lévesque government’s passage of Bill 101 in 2018, our government has taken more steps to protect our language than any other succeeding administration.

However, we need to take greater action if we wish to buck the trend. Our objective is to have practically exclusively Francophone economic immigration by 2026. As Quebecers, it is our collective responsibility to speak French, share our culture with others, and be proud of it.

For adults, proficiency in oral French will be necessary. This is done to make sure that people who want to move to Quebec can interact with others in their communities and at work on a daily basis in French.

A new permanent immigration program for qualified workers in Quebec includes the adjustments. The Skilled Worker Selection Program, according to the government, would “take into account the diverse needs of Quebec.”

Candidates for the program will be judged in four areas that have not yet been specified, but according to the province, three of the categories will call for French language proficiency from both the principal applicant and their accompanying spouse.

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Additionally, there will be changes made to current programs. For graduate students in French-language academic programs, the Quebec Experience Program will no longer need job experience.

A need for the guarantor to provide a plan for integration and reception that will support the person they are hosting’s learning of French is one of the family reunification measures.

The federal and provincial governments share responsibilities for immigration. In contrast to other provinces, Quebec’s agreement allows it to choose all of its economic immigrants. Quebec lacks the jurisdiction to choose candidates for family class sponsorship, as well as those who enter Canada as refugees or members of other humanitarian classes.

Quebec has set a goal that by 2023, 65% of immigrants accepted to the state will belong to the middle class.

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