By removing the requirement for Canadian work experience for engineers, the Ontario government has made a substantial contribution to assisting immigrants with foreign education. Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO), the first organization to support the change, has removed this limitation, which might help many qualified professionals pursue their career goals while upholding the province’s strict licensing and testing requirements.

Important points:

  • The requirement for Canadian work experience for engineers has been eliminated in Ontario, making it the first jurisdiction in Canada to do so. More than 30 regulated professions are exempt from the historic legislation’s requirement for Canadian work experience.
  • The update intends to assist immigrants with international training in achieving their career ambitions and matching their occupations to their credentials. The change is anticipated to help qualified newcomers who frequently find themselves in low-paying occupations unrelated to their professions, like engineers, physicians, and accountants.
  • Only 25% of immigrants in Ontario with international training are working in their regulated professions, according to studies. The removal of the bar for Canadian work experience, according to PEO President Roydon Fraser, will make it easier for qualified foreign candidates to get licenses quickly and work as engineers.
  • Newcomers who qualify for the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) and related OINP streams will benefit from the reform, which will allow them to pursue their chosen careers.
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The removal of the Canadian work experience requirement for engineers by Ontario marks a development for the better in the province’s labor market. By removing this obstacle, Ontario hopes to utilize the skills of professionals with overseas training and address a large number of open positions.

This welcoming attitude benefits individual newcomers as well as the overall expansion and productivity of Ontario’s economy. With this proactive move, Ontario sets a precedent for other jurisdictions to think about taking similar actions to encourage talented immigrants in going after their desired careers.

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