Ontario Holds Dual PNP Draws in a Single Day, Inviting 1,061

Ontario Holds Dual PNP Draws in a Single Day, Inviting 1,061 Candidates from the Human Capital Priorities Stream

July 20, 2023 – Ontario conducted a remarkable initiative by hosting two consecutive Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) draws on the same day, resulting in the invitation of a total of 1,061 candidates from the Human Capital Priorities stream.

The initial draw, classified as a targeted Health draw, invited 159 candidates, with a Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score ranging between 458 and 462. Following this, the second draw, identified as a targeted Tech draw, extended 902 Notifications of Interest (NOIs) to candidates who also obtained CRS scores between 458 and 462.

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Details of the draw:

Date of the draw: 20th July 2023

Total NOIs Issued: 1,061

First draw: 902 NOIs, CRS 458-462, Targeted Tech Draw

Second draw: 159 NOIs, CRS 458-462, Targeted Health Draw

This unprecedented move by Ontario demonstrates the province’s commitment to attracting skilled individuals from both the healthcare and technology sectors to contribute to the region’s economic growth and development. The Human Capital Priorities stream has proven to be a key pathway for talented candidates seeking permanent residency in Ontario, as it targets individuals with valuable skills and expertise that align with the province’s specific labor market needs.

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