New Manitoba PNP Draw Issued 583 LAAs, CIC News Update

On 23rd February 2023, the province of Manitoba held its latest PNP draw. This draw invited a total of 583 candidates from various sub-categories of the Manitoba PNP. 

How many LAAs were issued?

  • Out of the total 583 Letters Of Advice issued, 505 belonged to eligible candidates from the Skilled Workers category. It was further divided into two sub-categories of the Skilled Workers Category. 
  • 207 LAAs belonged to candidates from the Occupation-specific selection, where the minimum CRS score was 615. The rest 298 LAAs were issued to the candidates from the All-Occupation subcategory, with a minimum CRS cutoff of 693 points. 
immigrate through express entry, CIC NEWS Update
  • 51 LAAs were issued to the eligible candidates of the International Education Stream. Here the minimum CRS score was not mentioned. 
  • The remaining 27 LAAs were issued to the candidates of the Skilled Workers Overseas category with a minimum CRS score of 721 points. 
  • 140 of the 583 letters of recommendation to apply in this draw were given to applicants who provided an express entry profile number and job seeker validation code that were both current.

Click for more information. Manitoba PNP Invites 583 Candidates In Recent Draw

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