Over 212 qualified applications were invited to submit applications for a provincial nomination in the British Columbia PNP’s most recent draw.

Highlights of the most recent draw in British Columbia:

From the General Draw (Including Tech Occupations) category, 205 invites were given out, including:

  • Skilled Workers category- minimum CRS score of 101.
  • Skilled Worker, EEBC option category- minimum CRS score of 106.
  • International Graduate category- minimum CRS score of 87.
  • International Graduate, EEBC option category- minimum CRS score of 91.
  • Entry Level and Semi-Skilled category- minimum CRS score of 75.
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Move to Canada from India

Less than five invites were given to childcare: early life educators and assistants from the Skilled Worker, International Graduate (including EEBC option) with a minimum score of 60. (NOC 4214).

Addressing the Healthcare occupation, 5 invites were made from the Skilled Worker, Entry Level, International Graduate, and Semi-Skilled (including EEBC option) categories.

With a minimum score of 60 and a focus on other priority vocations, fewer than 5 invitations were extended from the category of skilled workers and international graduates (including EEBC option) (NOCs 3114, 3213).

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