Latest BC PNP draw Issues 91 ITAs in Latest PNP Draw

British Columbia recently conducted its latest Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) draw, issuing a total of 91 Invitations to Apply (ITAs) under the Skills Immigration category. The draw, held on April 9, 2024, targeted various streams, each focusing on specific occupations with minimum score requirements. The CRS cutoff ranged between 80 to 116. 

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Invitations were distributed as follows:

  1. Total ITAs: 91
  2. CRS cutoff range: 80 to 116

• Childcare: 9 ITAs with a minimum score of 90.
• Construction: 13 ITAs with a minimum score of 95.
• Healthcare: 19 ITAs with a minimum score of 95.
• Tech: 46 ITAs with a minimum score of 116.
• Veterinary Care: <5 ITAs with a minimum score of 80.

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This targeted approach reflects British Columbia’s commitment to attracting skilled professionals across diverse sectors, from childcare to technology and veterinary care. The province’s emphasis on specific occupations aims to meet the evolving needs of its labor market, supporting economic growth and development.

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As British Columbia continues to welcome talented individuals, it remains a premier destination for immigrants seeking opportunities to contribute to its vibrant communities and industries. Prospective candidates are advised to stay updated on upcoming draws within the British Columbia Provincial Nominee Program for potential opportunities.

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