British Columbia Holds PNP Draw On Feb 7 - 245 Invited

With low CRS scores and high ITAs, the British Columbia PNP has held another Skills Immigrations draw! A total of 245 Invitations to Apply (ITAs) were awarded to candidates for skills immigration in the most recent BC PNP lottery, which was held on February 7.

Who was invited is listed here:

Two types of invitations, general and targeted, totaled 245 in total.

  • BC PNP General draw: 207 ITAs Skilled Workers, International Graduates, and Semi-Skilled Candidates with a Minimum Score of 102 on Express Entry.
  • BC PNP Targeted draw: 38 ITAs with a minimum score of 60, 25 of which will go to skilled workers and international graduates in the category “Childcare: Early Educators and Assistants (NOC 42202)”.
  • 13 ITAs to International Graduates and Skilled Workers (Healthcare) with a minimum rating of 60.
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